Who we are

What we want

At the Centres for European Policy Network (cep) it is our mission to work for a better Europe. We analyse European legislation in a critical yet constructive manner and to make it both accessible and comprehensible to a wider public. The think-tank evaluates EU proposals – before they are passed – on the basis of modern market economics and economic principles.

How we work

cep is non-profit-making, non-affiliated and independent. EU proposals with relevance to the economy are analysed in cep PolicyBriefs, Inputs and Studies by our economists and legal experts. They also provide assessments on topical issues relating to Europe in the form of cepAdhocs. Our readers are decision-makers from politics, business, society and the media.

What we stand for

cep aims to bolster democratic and constitutional structures in Europe with a pro-European approach. It stands for a free Europe, completion of the internal market, less bureaucracy and the principle of subsidiarity. Motto: Europe Matters.

Das Team

Prof. Dr. Henning Vöpel


Dr. Jörg Köpke

Leiter Kommunikation

Dr. Götz Reichert


Marc Uzan

Direktor Centre de Politique Européenne

Clea Fernandez

Centre de Politique Européenne

Victor Warhem

Wissenschaftlicher Referent Centre de Politique Européenne

Prof. Dr. Andrea de Petris

Wissenschaftlicher DirektorCentro Politiche Europee

Stefano Milia

Direktor Centro Politiche Europee

Dr. André Wolf


Dr. Matthias Kullas


Dr. Patrick Stockebrandt


Philipp Eckhardt

Wissenschaftlicher Referent

Dr. Martin Menner

Wissenschaftlicher Referent

Dr. Anja Hoffmann

Wissenschaftliche Referentin

Dr. Lukas Harta

Wissenschaftlicher Referent

Svenja Schwind

Wissenschaftliche Referentin

Marco Mazzone

Wissenschaftlicher Referent

Nathalja Nolen

Wissenschaftliche Referentin

Dr. Stephan Balling

Wissenschaftlicher Referent

Rachel Ives


Dr. Stephan Seiler

Referent für Kommunikation

Salome Neuer

Assistentin Kommunikation

Martina Feickert

Assistentin Vorstand

Constance Mörch

Assistentin Vorstand

Dr. Jan Voßwinkel

Wissenschaftlicher Berater


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